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Acrylic - Paintings - Photographs - Watercolor -Just some of our expressions for you!

Can be printed in smaller sizes to your choosing on canvas, poster board, paper to frame, or your choice.


Group of 3 pictures 12″ x 12″

Colors include Original, Negative, and Sepia.

[24″ x 36″] 

Color:  Original, Color Negative, Negative

White cactus flower center [24 x 32″]

White Cactus flower left [ 24 x 36″]

White Cactus flower right [24 x 36″]

Deal of the Day!

Ball with Clusters

ball with clusters
ball with clusters digital art by artist susan waldrop c 2021 all rights reserved

“Ball with Clusters” Pictures are 24″ x 36″  Colors include: Original, Color Negative, Infrared, Negative, Neutral Density, Sepia

Can be printed in smaller sizes to your choosing on canvas, poster board, paper to frame, or your choice.


Our Happy Clients!

This DigitalArtMart has the most awesome & creative art pieces I have ever seen. There are so many choices that will enhance the beauty of your home.  The only problem is which 2 or 3 can I choose. KUDOS. 

Mel Novak

It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend Susan’s Artwork. Her unique creative touch, blended color set the tone for positive emotions. She always serves and provides great customer service. 

Sabrina Joseph

“As an art lover, I enjoy being introduced to digital art and experiencing the new media and screen-based works of Susan. Susan´s work and distribution platform let me explore her existing collection and enjoy valuable media artworks. Now I`m enjoying having at-home prints of different color versions of her Swirls!

Lina Duarte

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Lina Duarte, R&T Manager BLH

 “Love it that I’m surrounded by geraniums!  And your 3 roses looks amazing!  Praise our Lord Jesus for He delights in our joys that come from Him only.  Keep them coming Susan cos if we are still here CHRISTmas is just around the corner.  Thank you” 🙏❤️👏 *see cover picture at the top]

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S. Waldrop

Photographer | Designer | Artist

One of a Kind Works of Art

Have fun navigating through our ‘One of a Kind’ original collections you won’t find anywhere else. Most of the pieces whether they be acrylic, pastels, or the new digital art all come in many different hues and sizes to fit your needs.

We are soo excited to offer these to you and remember we are always here to help you complete the best choice for your room and situation. 

Color and expression are all about setting the right stage. Get started today with your first piece and let us partake with you the joy and peace they will bring!

-S. Waldrop