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From her Home Studio Visionary artist, Susan Waldrop uses Nontraditional Methods in art-making for inspiration.

Home Visionary artist Susan Waldrop-Digital Art using Vector Layers and Effects with Particle Brushes. Copyright 2021 Susan Waldrop All Rights Reserved.

Susan Waldrop is a visionary artist and photographer. She is an award-winning, self-taught painter and digital artist who has created many of the most iconic images in the field of Western art today. She creates digital art at her home studio with just her computer and camera, which she uses to explore the world around her. Her digital art is featured in various formats, including paintings, photographs, drawings, and more. Her goal is to share her passion for creativity with the world. She is also a writer and founder of a New School for Artist Development 

Every year, many artists create stunning pieces of art. From paintings to sculptures to digital art, the creations are endless. But it takes more than creativity and talent to make great art.

Art has always been a means of expression, but with many modern artists choosing to use digital art rather than more traditional methods, the industry is becoming more of a competition.  Digital artists are setting themselves apart from one another by creating events, holding interviews about digital art, and hosting classes teaching people how to create their own great art.

Art is an expression of the artist’s emotion. Artists express themselves through the artistic technique they choose- whether that is painting, drawing, or sculpting. However, with traditional art techniques, there are often limitations on how an artist can depict what they are trying to convey. Visionary artists are able to showcase their emotions through their words and images because they use nontraditional methods in art-making for inspiration. 

Visionary art is a new genre of art that is beginning to take shape. It consists of the artist’s own surreal experiences and imagination. The artists feel like they are on an otherworldly journey guided by their creator’s own hand, which leads them to create something so otherworldly, so lush with detail, it feels as if they’ve been to this place before.

Many artists and art lovers believe that art is a means of expression. When one expresses their thoughts and feelings on paper, canvas, or other mediums they are able to show people who they are as an individual. If you want to be more creative and expressive with your paintings, you should explore the open visions drawing course Susan will be offering in the near future. This course will teach you how to paint using all of your senses as well as how to reflect what you see in front of you in the work.

In the world of art, there are many ways to bring an idea to life. One way is through painting. Painting has been a practice that has been going on for centuries and it is still a worldwide phenomenon that people enjoy today. With a lot of passion and energy, artists put their ideas onto canvases in order to share their creative process with the world. They have an opportunity to change the way people see things around them and express themselves through emotion.

There are many ways that art can bring healing and light into our lives. There are so many artistic mediums that people can choose to use to express themselves, and these artistic platforms allow people to be creative in their expression of feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Whether it be through drawing or coloring, painting or sculpting, decorating or cooking, the arts offer a way for people to indulge their creative side as well as share who they are with others.

We’ve all seen it before. A painting, a sculpture, or a simple doodle can bring an immense amount of light and love into any person’s life. How many times have you looked at something and felt like your whole world was there in front of you? That’s what art does: it shows us our own view of the world and reminds us why we came to this place, to begin with.


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