There are 3 signs of a timeless digital artwork or photograph.

  • The first sign is visionary, meaning that the work is ahead of its time.
  • The second sign is colorful, which means the work has a wide range of appealing colors.
  • Lastly, the third sign is daring, meaning that it’s not afraid to break boundaries and take risks.
  • Susan Waldrop is a great example of a new artist with these three signs. She has produced numerous timeless classic digital artworks throughout her new career as an artist. Her works are visionary, colorful, and daring which makes them all memorable because she is not afraid to break boundaries and take risks.

If you’re in need of some inspiration for your next digital art piece, here are more signs that will help you create a timeless classic digital art piece.

1) VISIONARY: The visionary is someone who has the ability to imagine things in the future and bring them to life. He or she can see beyond what others can and is often seen as a creative genius. If you want to be innovative and push boundaries, then you should tap into your visionary side when designing your next masterpiece.

2) COLORFUL: If there’s one thing that we know about color, it’s that it never fades away and becomes irrelevant like other pieces of artwork. No matter what time frame or era, color will always be present in our lives which is why it’s important for digital artists to use it.

Digital Art and Photographs can be created by a visionary artist who is not afraid to take risks and who will be daring, energetic, and creative.

Digital Art and Photographs can be thought of as a work of art that won’t fade away with time. They are timeless classics that will always have relevance to our culture.

If you are looking for a new piece of art, we have many options available to choose from. We offer paintings and photography in a wide range of styles and sizes. You can check out our online gallery at any time for a more personal experience.

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Each piece we represent comes from years of working one on one with the Number One Manufacturers of the World.

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Years of awards of Excellence in Media Productions as well as Amazon Top Best Sellers List in 2021.

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Every piece of art and physical product sent out is all-natural.

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Tropical Flowers

Offered in different colors and sizes  [59″x33″ and  33.5″ x 59.5″] in Zip Downloadable File upon purchase.

Can be printed in smaller sizes to your choosing on canvas, poster board, paper to frame, or your choice.

Available in choices of color; Color Negative, Cross Process, Negative, Increase Contrast.

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S. Waldrop

Creative Head

International Award Winning Entrepreneur of Media Productions with Vision to see ahead.

Susan Waldrop is an American artist, whose paintings and photographs have been exhibited in the US and internationally. For the past thirty years, she has been living in a small town in Southern California with her family.


A. Waldrop

Marketing Director

Award-Winning Website Creator, Marketer, and Entrepreneur. 

He thinks out of the box and always has a plan in place to succeed. He has a passion for helping people find their purpose and make it happen. Digital Art Mart is a great fit for him. He’s been working with us since day one and we’re excited to be working with him again this year.

Adam is also a very talented artist who loves to create beautiful art and designs. He’s worked with some of the most famous artists in music. He resides in a small town in Southern California with his family.